State Advocacy Agency Ignites Constituent Communications

The Problem

True story. My client "Bob", head of Public Relations for an influential statewide advocacy organization, was also in charge of every list, everywhere. The boss said to:
1. Take ownership of all lists
2. Populate current constituents with over a hundred new data points.AND 
3. Consolidate it all into one, custom, central, easy-to-search database.
Bob's first instinct was to update his resume and explore life beyond {{Company}}.
Bob has over a dozen sub-organizations (aka fiefdoms) to liaison with, all spread over dozens of offices and organizations, all using their own membership list versions of spreadsheets or software. All with different data points. And (lots of) admins that came and went.
He wanted to control all data of all participating organizations, hyper-targeting while exponentially growing influence statewide.

The Solution

We implemented ACES Advocacy (Advanced Communications Extraction System), an advanced data information platform that can be used for many purposes, including: gathering, analyzing, organizing, storing and sharing information about various aspects of business operations.

Bob was able to automate routine tasks such as communications or reporting by extracting relevant data from multiple sources into one central location.

The result was that ACES helped the organization reduce list management from hours to minutes; enabled them to better track their progress on advocacy goals; and allowed them to create more effective messages based on real-time, hyper segmented data analysis.

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